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Changing a Stopcock...

It is always important to be able to isolate your water supply by turning off your mains water stopcock, but sometimes stopcocks can seize up and become impossible to turn off. In these situations, you should always replace this stopcock.

1.Firstly you will need to isolate the water supply to your house by shutting off the stopcock supplying your house that is situated out in the street. These stop cocks are below the ground and should have a lid showing that it is the water box. Lift this lid using a flat head screwdriver and shut off this stopcock. If you cannot locate your stopcock, contact the council who will be able to help.

2. Make sure that the water supply is off by opening a mains pressure fed tap (normally a kitchen tap) until there is no water flowing from it.

3. Open both nuts on the stopcock and remove the stopcock body followed by the olives. You may need to cut through the old olives using a junior hacksaw if they will not come off, being careful not to cut the pipe. Click here to open Stopcock video clip in a new window

4. Before installing the new stopcock have a look on the body and you should see an arrow. This arrow must face the direction that the water flows into the house when you install the stopcock.

5. Place both sets of nuts and olives over the pipes
and add a bit of sealant paste around the olives.

Changing a stopcock - Photo 1

6. Put the stopcocks body in place and tighten the nuts using a pair of grips. Use one to hold the body of the stopcock still and the other to tighten the nuts.

7. Turn the water supply back
on and check for leaks.

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Changing a stopcock - Photo 2
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