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Changing a Tap Washer...

You may need to change washers if your taps are dripping or if hardly any water is coming out of the tap once it is open.

1.Make sure that the system you are working on is drained down. e.g drain down the hot water system if you need to change a washer on a hot tap. (Learn how to drain down each system in your house using our plumbing diagrams on the DVD)

2.Use a flat head screwdriver to lever off the red or blue (hot or cold) indicator cap on the tap. Once the cover has been removed, you will see a screw that holds the handle of the tap in place around the body. Remove this screw and the handle from the tap.

Changing a tap washer - photo 1

3. Now use an adjustable spanner to remove the body of the valve by unscrewing anti-clockwise.

4. Remove the screw from the bottom of the valve that holds the washer in place and replace with the new washer. Tighten the screw back into position. Click here to open tap washer video clip in a new window
5. Screw the valve back into the tap and use the adjustable spanner to make sure that the valve is tight. Changing a tap washer - photo 2
6. Screw the tap handle into position and replace the indicator cap.

7. Refill the system you were working on and check for leaks.

Learn how to change taps and how to fix a leak by watching with your own eyes.

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Changing a tap washer - photo 3
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