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Testimonials for Matey's Basic Plumbing

A recently received testimonial.

"I bought this for my Husbands stocking present at Christmas - he looked slightly perplexed as he watched it but its easy to follow and he said it might come in useful... We woke up on New Years day to find water leaking through the ceiling as a dripping tap (thats been dripping a long while) had finally given up the ghost and the fitting underneath the basin had come too loose.. hence water through ceiling, What would normally have been a major crisis was avoided as we watched the 'changing taps' section and changed the taps easily. My Husband is chuffed to bits and is now motivated to change my whole Mint Green Bathroom Suite.... believe me that enthusiasum is priceless!


F. Gerrard

A recently received testimonial.

“…as I walked through the front door, after a freezing cold day at work, you can imagine my shock and desperation as I saw water dripping through the ceiling in the hall.

After locating the leak to a radiator valve in the bedroom, I put on your DVD and successfully managed to drain the heating system and replace the leaking radiator valve Saving me money on call out charges and paying out for the furniture that would have been ruined if the leak hadn’t been stopped.

I can’t thank you enough. The £40 spent on the DVD has paid for itself 3 times over!!"

Mr.J.Hards, Walthamstow

A recently received testimonial.

"As a single mother on limited income, I have been looking for an alternative to paying high charges for simple plumbing work.

The DVD gives good clear visual and verbal instruction and is easy to follow and understand. I like the no frills, straight forward tool list.

There is a good mix of jobs, to appeal not only to the complete novice like me but also those who feel ready to tackle something more.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the producer of this DVD could branch out into electrics next? I could save a fortune!"

Mrs. L.Machin, Reading

A recently received testimonial.

"As an amateur DIY'r, I found the contents and the commentary on your DVD extremely useful and easy to follow.

Previously not knowing how to simply get into a tap to change a washer, I would have to call for a plumber. However, since receiving "Mateys Basic Plumbing", seeing the tools required and the procedures used, I have completed a number of smaller pipe, washers' and washing machine jobs- successfully I might add and with no disasters all thanks to Mr Matey!

I would recommend Mateys Basic Plumbing to every household as a DIY must have."

Mr. G.Anderson,  Grangemouth, Scotland.

A recently received testimonial.

"...I was given the DVD for a Fathers day present and I have to say I am very impressed! I work in IT so my plumbing abilities were non-existent! Before now, water and the thoughts of a leak petrified me, but with the aid of the DVD I've had the confidence to install a mains scale reducer and an outside tap, in addition to identifying that my heating systems pressure is defective. Can't wait for the advanced DVD.."

Patrick McDermott, Co,Dublin, Ireland

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